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2017 Mount Indoor Ceiling Best Antenna for Cell Phone Booster zzaiuuGuiw for ebay.

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Product Description

If you are looking for a useful and nice antenna, this If you are looking for a useful and nice antenna, this Indoor Ceiling Mount Antenna for Cell Phone Signal Booster ( 800-2500MHz) will be the best chance you can have a try .
will be the best chance you can have a try . By pointing the direction of antenna to the signal tower launching station,this amazing 800-2500MHz Indoor Ceiling Mount Antenna will add more surprises for your booster life. Install this wonderful gadget in your cell phone booster product to achieve the best effect.
Small Cheap Antenna with great use, do not miss the 800-2500MHz Indoor Ceiling Mount Antenna, you will like the way it works! Take actions and get one right now.


  • Frequency range:800-2500MHz
  • Gain ( dB):Uplink  3DB
  • I/O impedance:50Ω/N connector
  • Ambient temperature:-10°C ~ 60°C
  • Size:Φ160(mm)
  • Joint model:N-female

Product Notes:

  • Fix up outdoor antenna reception on housetop and point to signal tower
  • Connect outdoor antenna to ”outdoor” port in repeater machine through cable
  • Connect indoor antenna(s) to ”indoor” port in repeater machine through cable also
  • Plug power adaptor into AC power socket and finish installation
  • If still no signal receipt after activated booster, please check if outdoor antenna point to signal tower or elsewhere have strong signal and check if strength achieve -70DBM.
  • Please adjust the direction of outdoor antenna if it cannot call out
  • If strength is not steady, please check if outdoor and indoor antenna are too close. Please ensure the outdoor and indoor antenna have distance of 20 meters at least ,with a wall between and net a same horizontal line
  • The distance between the outdoor antenna and the amplifier is not more than 30 meters
  • The outdoor Antenna not close to a large antenna, high-voltage lines, transformers, or metal mesh, etc.
  • The distance between the indoor antenna and the amplifier is not more than 40 meters
  • The indoor antennas do not be closed to the wall as far as possible in order to increase the coverage area
  • The indoor antenna and the outdoor antenna are advised to stay away from each other for If lack of communication quality, please change the installation position of the outdoor antenna and adjustment the indicate direction of antenna
  • It is best to enclose waterproof tape at the junction, and prevent moisture narrow the indoor signal coverage area
  • Try to straight the cable, do not bend more than 90 degree


  •  Indoor Ceiling Mount Antenna for Cell Phone Signal Booster ( 800-2500MHz)


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